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Ducting Installation

Although most heating/ cooling systems have a dual approach, they share a common duct system to help distribute conditioned air throughout the structure. The size of the ducts depends on cooling/ heating systems used, and the availability of space. The two major types of ducting solutions we provide are.

  • Galvanized ducting: We manufacture and install customized galvanized ducts to suit commercial and residential ventilations and air conditioning projects. The galvanized sheet metal ducts manufactured from high tensile, quality galvanized steel adhere to industrial standards. We manufacture them in convenient lengths, and are crimped at the ends to ease the assembly of the ducts.
  • Pre Insulated Ducting: The pre insulated ducting system is an apt choice for industrial grade air conditioning. The insulated coating preserves the conditioned air for longer, while it is transported through the ducts. Pre insulated ducts are easier to install and maintain, which saves time and money in the long run.