Product & Services

At Duct Master Air channel Plant S.P.C, we undertake various HVAC manufacturing and servicing projects; we also dabble in related services. Here is a list of complete services we provide-

Air conditioning contracting

We have built a good reputation in the industry for having undertaken and completed several turnkey projects in the field of HVAC. Our engineers and technicians work in together to understand the requirements of the clients and deliver accordingly. We have worked on several high profile projects, and have successfully designed and installed HVAC systems of several commercial and industrial structures. OUR HVAC contracting includes.

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Ventilation Contracting

We offer complete ventilation services to commercial and residential kitchens. Our technicians determine the requirements depending on the size of the space, and the kind of kitchen work done, and suitable orientation of the ventilation system in the kitchen. Our commercial grade ventilation systems are usually custom enhanced to provide personalized ventilation for the kitchens, and keep the space free of excessive heat and humidity.

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Ducting Solutions

Although most heating/ cooling systems have a dual approach, they share a common duct system to help distribute conditioned air throughout the structure. The size of the ducts depends on cooling/ heating systems used, and the availability of space. The two major types of ducting solutions we provide are.

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Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air conditioning systems, Ventilation and Ducting require regular maintenance and upkeep in order to keep them functioning efficiently. Our technicians are quite adept at maintenance and servicing ventilation systems, central air conditioners, split ACs, chillers and fancoils. Skilled technicians who have years of experience and a sound knowledge about the systems carry out the maintenance works.

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